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Anxiety Busters

Breathe yourself calm

Anxiety flicks the nervous system into fight, flight or freeze mode, shutting down the thinking part of the brain. Getting your system back into balance is the key to thinking clearly and feeling in control.

1. Breathe in quickly, to the count of two, then breathe out as slowly as you can (a count of 6-10 is great). Repeat for a total of four breaths.

2. Take a deep belly breath, in to the count of 4-6, out to the same count, without pausing between the in and out breath. Repeat for a total of four breaths.

3. If you need to, repeat steps 1 and 2 three or four times, until you feel calm, then breathe normally. 


Be in the now

Anxiety is either about the future – what might or might not happen (and usually doesn’t) – or reliving fear from the past. Bringing your attention to your sensory experience in the present can quickly relieve the symptoms.

1. Notice you are okay right now.

2. Pay attention to three things you can see in your surroundings - consider colours, shapes, light and shadow.

3. Notice three things you can hear – volume, tone, location.

4. Find three things to touch and notice how they each feel. 5. Can you smell or taste anything? Notice your breathing.
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