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When you’re feeling down – look up!

When you feel upset or depressed, do you find yourself slumping and looking down a lot? If so, a physical shift can be a fast solution.

1. Bring your posture upright, and look up.

2. Imagine you can see your phone number (or maybe your car registration) on a sign up there in front of you.

3. Read the number backwards to yourself.

4. Repeat, adjusting your posture if necessary until you feel in control. See over f or another quick tip for resolving depressive feelings, and how to contact Sylvia for one - to - one sessi ons in person or via Skype or Messenger.


Jump-start your system Feeling down depresses the nervous system, dulling our responses and prompting us to withdraw. Our whole system slows down and it’s no wonder we can’t get motivated to do anything. Whenever you need a jump start to get your system moving, spend a couple of minutes breathing yourself to life.

1. Breathe in through your nose, a long, slow breath, as long as you can, up to a count of ten.  

2. Without holding, puff your breath out through your mouth, hard and fast – to no more than a count of two.

3. If needed, repeat steps 1 and 2 three more times. Use this jump-start even before you get out of bed…and any time you feel the need for more energy and focus.


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