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Stress Busters

See your way out of stress

When we're stressing, we tend to be in tunnel (foveal) vision, effectively shutting down the thinking part of our brain as we go into fight or flight mode. Moving into peripheral vision can be a quick fix on-the-go.

1. Focus your eyes on a point above and directly in front of you.

2. Begin to notice everything you can see in your peripheral (side) vision. (Describe out loud what you see, if appropriate.)

3. As you breathe out, relax all of the muscles around your eyes.

4. Notice the rest of your muscles follow suit as your breathing slows and you regain the ability to think clearly.


Get comfortable with saying ‘No’


Stress and overwhelm go hand in hand, coming from how we perceive the size and number of obligations we believe we have, what we think will or won’t happen if we do or don’t do something, and our sense of control (or otherwise) over external events.

It’s important to remember that you are the boss of you, and you can say no!  Use these questions to figure out whose job ‘it’ is:

  • Does it need to be done? (What would happen if you did - or didn't - do it?)
  • Are you capable of doing it?
  • Are you the best or only person to do it? And remember – it might just be you that you need to say ‘no’ to!


For more ways to resolve and minimise stress contact Sylvia for one to - one sessions in person or via Skype. 

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